Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Spy Next Door

Went straight to cineleisure after handing in ONE of our individual project[VB]. (Lots more projects to go...) We needed a break! Chose to watch the Jackie Chan movie! Managed to pull Wonnie, The unwilling to watch Jackie Chan movie girl, to watch with us! Ha! We got the skills of psycho-ing people~

Oh man! Should have more fighting scenes lah... It's funny though! I love the little girl! She's so frigging adorable!!! Haha! I hate the russian accent of the woman. Ew! [Disgusted] So irritating!

YAY! Finally get to eat my Burger King! :) Then while we were talking, Mark lee walked past... After about 15minutes, Jack neo walked past... Know why?! Old Town's just opened at cineleisure. =.= That's why...

Walked around, talked and suddenly, we wanted to try waxing! :X Oops! Shall stop here! TATA! Got to work on my projects. Presentation Tomorrow!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tooth Fairy!

Finally! Met up with krystle and wenlin to watch Tooth fairy! :)) Full house! Lots of noisy and inconsiderate people in cineleisure... Rah... Anyway, got my present from krystle and mengshi!! :) I LOVE IT!! Muacks! Thanks!

I like it! It's a bit crap but... funny!!

Yep... We ate pasta mania at cineleisure.

All of us didn't have camera so... my lappy save the day!! Shall meet them again after exams!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tough weeks ahead...

It's going to be Rough! Let's see... For maybe 6 weeks? Before Chinese New Year, I guess... It's all projects, presentations and TESTS. Sigh... Anyway, I still need time to chill out of course! Hee! Been watching Gossip Girl Season 2. Hahaha! Am I very lag?

How COOL would it be if you were in their group!! AH! The bitch-ing part makes it even more interesting eh? :P


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Can't remember when was the day that we ate at Waraku... Should be New year. Ha! Woah! 15 days had already gone! Gonna have lots of projects to rush and then, exams, and then, HOLIDAYS! Can't wait...

Wakaru's bowl was this big! They love to exaggerate on the size! The noodles plus soup only cover 1/4 of the bowl... Ha!

Yes... This should be posted like... long ago?! Ya... I always post late. Anyway, just tighten my braces on tues and now, I can at least bite some food! :) Yay! Can't wait to eat burger King! Oops! It's a sudden obsession... Shall sign off now! Tata!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Madness: Part 2

9th January
Had to go to school early in the morning for open house performance. Ha! Then, got a birthday surprise from the plucking session~ So sweet right?! They gave me a cute, pink soft toy! Haha!

Then, went home to change for dinner at "Lim Dua Tao" which is really near our house! Wa..We were damn full after dinner cause it was a freaking 10 course one! Haha! Too greedy~ So end up, super, super full! Full till... wanna explode! Anyway, after dinner, went back home to watch "吓到笑" Dvd with my Grandma! She is damn cute when she can't stop laughing! Contagious~ Then, it was time to blow my birthday candles! (No.. it's candle...)

I love this ice-cream cake! A Must-have for every year!

[My happy moments!]

Must of course take a picture with my cute granny!

and Shiang Ling! So good of her to come celebrate my birthday right?!

Shaingg communicating with Baobao.

A Family photo! (Baobao included!)

While in my brother's room...

Oops! I move~

Oops! Shiangg moves~

Oops! My brother moves~ Took turn to "move"... So... re-take! (With flash)

Yay! NICE~

Asked my sister and boyfriend to join in the fun!

Still not enough! Asked my mummy and granny and baobao along! haha!! (My father was busy printing photos. If not, Even better!)

[All point at baobao~] I LOVE THIS YEAR's BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Looked at all the happy faces! Would always remember these wonderful moments together... ... ...


Birthday Madness!

8th January
It's Friday night! My siblings + my lovely longest best friend(Shiang Ling) spent the time with me at Vivo, "The King Louis" for my birthday dinner!

Why is Shiangg so happy?! Cause there's ME! :P

Bro: "Hey! Let's move to the light la! Then won't look so dark..."

Bro: "Ha! Looks like we peeking out of the mouse hole..." I agree! Peek-a-Boo!

Oops! My sister is out of the photo frame!

Went back to our table and we start our camera self-timer...

My sister un-prepared pose....

OMG! Sorry SHiang! Hahaha! Blocked your pretty 鬼脸!

2 Big-Eyed devils and 2 Close-Eyed angels! Waha!

Shaing ling and my brother's poisonous tongue...

My actual pose was to "kiss" my sister head... But it end up looking like i'm smelling her "smelly" hair~

Congrats to my brother cause he did capture the small "fire" at the backgroudn... Haha! He says that they were nice wor~

Our Castle Feast!

It's For ME!!!!! Shiok right?!?! No la~ Joking! My sister asked me to pose with the food as if it's for one person.. Ha! Her idea!

Yummy! There's 4 steaks, fish, wages, lots of mussels, chickens, prawns...

A really pretty restaurant! I love it! But, of course, it's expensive. My siblings treat! :D Hee! After dinner, went to shop around to find my dress as present. But, unfortunately, nothing I really like! Haha! Never mind! The feast was good enough!