Monday, December 21, 2009

Movies that I am gonna watch in 2010!

Should be not bad ba~

Tooth fairy! Dwayne johnson! Thats why... I'm watching!

I like Kristen Bell! Romance plus comedy! :)

I'm so going to watch this movie next year!! :) I can watch with my boyfriend! (IF I have one... -.-)

Alice in the Wonderland! There's Johnny Depp and Anne hathaway! :)

GERARD BUTLER & JENNIFER ANISTON! It's funny! (Watch the trailer~)

Go watch the trailer~ It looks good!

I wanna see how well Miley cyrus can act! :P

Ha! Its a comedy movie! Obviously~ Cause they got Steve Carell...

Another comedy plus romance movie! Jennifer lopez is acting!

There's Jessica Alba... Why not?!

Iron Man 2! You should watch the trailer~

Last of shrek... Sad~

Megan fox in it~ Hmm... Then, Guys would watch it...

Love the anime. That's why I wish that it will be a good movie too!

My sister can't wait to watch this... So am I!

My must-watch movie! But I think it will again be a disappointing one...

This is also a must-watch movie. Agree?!


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