Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Singapore Canon Commercial! [SHOCK]. Too long never switched on the TV to watch singapore's show...

She's pretty!


Sims 3 And Raving Rabbits

EH! Isn't that my instrument, Ruan, on the wall?! Hmm... It's shorter! Ha! Cute!

Currently busy playing Sims 3 Expansion Pack World Adventure... (WHOOO!) There's Egypt, Paris and China! And Raving: Go Home blah blah.. Busy right? :P


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas and Mummy's birthday!

School's CO

Before practice, Shopping at Daiso for CO Camp decoration... We were in-charge.

Then bought Christmas hat for ourselves too! :P

With beloved family to celebrate my mummy's birthday + Christmas!

Had our dinner at Novena. By the way, it's Vegetarian! HA!

Then, had more desserts at Haagen-Dazs! (We actually had dessert included in our dinner...)

The first order we made, CHOCOLATE FONDUE

And the second order, 7 scoops of ice-cream(If I'm not wrong... Something like Earthquake at Swensen?)

My grandma just nice closed her pretty eyes when the camera "snap"! Haha! So cute!

My sis with her bf...

Whose eyes are the smallest?!

Not sure why mum is laughing out loud! Should be over lame jokes? :P hahaha!!!

Now... My dad's turn!

That's all the fun we had on christmas with the Birthday girl! She will always be a girl to me! Young and fun!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just came back from movies with Krystle and Wenlin! :)

BEST Movie! Sad that we could not get the tickets for the 3D one. It was sold out at ILUMA! Unbelivable... That 'ulu' cinema. The movie was so good that we didnt have time to think for a second! (That's what krystle say, which is so true!) Woah. The whole movie was so damn GOOD that I could not find anything to criticise! YES! It's really a MUST WATCH MOVIE! Anyway, what's with the "I SEE YOU" phrase?! anybody care to explain? Oh ya! Filmgarde salted popcorn suck so, don't waste money on them. Eeee... I'm gonna buy the blue-ray disc for this movie~ If there's 3D one, EVEN BETTER! (Heard that they maybe doing 2 sequels too... )

First time, being darker compared to the other two!

In bus 80, going back to Kovan!

HK Cafe

Me and Ah Wen! (Excuse me for my screwed hair...)

Ooh! Not bad! I like this photo krystle! :P

Cheers to both of them! :D Shall meet again soon! GREAT DAY! :) Except that we didn't catch the 3D one! RAH!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Movies that I am gonna watch in 2010!

Should be not bad ba~

Tooth fairy! Dwayne johnson! Thats why... I'm watching!

I like Kristen Bell! Romance plus comedy! :)

I'm so going to watch this movie next year!! :) I can watch with my boyfriend! (IF I have one... -.-)

Alice in the Wonderland! There's Johnny Depp and Anne hathaway! :)

GERARD BUTLER & JENNIFER ANISTON! It's funny! (Watch the trailer~)

Go watch the trailer~ It looks good!

I wanna see how well Miley cyrus can act! :P

Ha! Its a comedy movie! Obviously~ Cause they got Steve Carell...

Another comedy plus romance movie! Jennifer lopez is acting!

There's Jessica Alba... Why not?!

Iron Man 2! You should watch the trailer~

Last of shrek... Sad~

Megan fox in it~ Hmm... Then, Guys would watch it...

Love the anime. That's why I wish that it will be a good movie too!

My sister can't wait to watch this... So am I!

My must-watch movie! But I think it will again be a disappointing one...

This is also a must-watch movie. Agree?!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 15: Paris(Finale))

24th Sept, France, Paris.

For this posts, Lots of photos and little caption! :)

Time to sit this boat called "Bateaux Mouches" for Paris Night-seeing!

Pu Pu!! The boat is moving~

All you have to do is...

Snap every buidling you see!

And of course... With yourself inside!


Didn't know we took so many photos with the Eiffel Tower! There's more!

At 8PM sharp.

The Eiffel Tower started to "FLASH".

Isn't it beautiful?! It's So romantic~

That's the end of the day! It's also the last day for our bus driver to fetch us around! :) He's a funny guy...

25th Sept, France, Paris.

Well, I forgot this church's name! :X

Climbed halfway and we decided to go back down to look for souvenirs instead...

And then we saw this!

Shopping time! Went into this particular store and we heard...

this dog barking! :) Cute right!!! Don't know why but I think their dogs looked different from singapore ones...

25th Sept, Paris, Musée du Louvre.

If you feel that you have seen this before SOMEWHERE... It means that you had watched Da Vinci Code movie right?!

Whoo! Entered the museum! Lets see the ARTS.

There were lots of section so we head to the statue ones first.

Naked men...

Doesn't wear bras women...

Headless and armless statue... (But with wings)

Next, the portraits.

AH! They allow them to copy the masterpieces! COOL!

The largest portrait in the museum and we finally found "HER"...

TADA! Mona lisa! Whoo!!! Wanna know why this picture is slanted?! Tell you why! There's humans heads blocking EVERYWHERE! It's super crowded. This is the only clear shot we have of mona lisa. BY HERSELF.

The inverted pyramids!

Time's up! No bus to fetch us around so... we took the public transport!

PARIS 'MRT'. First time taking it!

The train's scary! As in... Nobody will announce what will be the next stop. There's no sensor at the door so if you are those really kiasu one and you must get into the train when the doors are closing, then GOOD LUCK. And you have to press the green button when you reach the station that you wanna get down...

25th Sept, Pairs, Galeries Lafayette.

Even their shopping centre looks like a museum...

Shopping~! But the stuff are super expensive!

26th Sept, Paris, Airport.

Finding the SQ plane...

Our airplane! A380! :) The double deck AIRBUS.

The screen is much bigger than the normal ones. Sigh! Will definitely miss europe's weather! Who doesn't?! Okay! 12 hours of sleep if not, I will puke! Whoo! BACK TO SINGAPORE! (Misses baobao)

The end of my paris trip!