Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012, The World Will END

Met up with Krystle today to watch 2012 at the cathay. Though the seats were like shit cause we sat at the second row, it's still worth it! Yeap, she was quite desperate for this movie...

The effect were really, really good that it's so freaking real! And it's super duper exciting that you would not get bored during the movie. After that, krystle told me that they think that the world will end in 2012 cause the calender stopped at 2012. There's no calender for 2013. So creepy right?! Then, Krystle and I were like, "huh... Then we study so hard and we die?! Let's stop studying! Tomorrow don't go school lah!"

Woah! Maybe the goverments are really building the ships now!! [SCREAMS]. But if the world really ends, I am going to kill myself first before I dropped down a crack or get smashed by a building! :X


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