Monday, November 30, 2009

NYP Annual Concert.

Extra Shaohong... ...

Before our duet...

Performed on Sat last week at SCH. Hmm... I LOVE one particular song and the rest... Like. Not Love.

Can't believe that they are still having practice!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Lei" ah...

I LOVE MY BED!! I'm so tired... Just finish our NYP annual concert at Singapore Conference Hall. I love Musique De Cuisine. :) still have to go for practice early in the morning tomorrow and my marketing project, still not completed! Sigh... Stupid syco audition sure "cui" too... (It's on friday) How am I suppose to manage my time? I can see a few grey hairs 'popping' out among my black hairs. Damn it.

Took with Daphne with my camera.(Was too lazy to take my camera around la) The rest of the photos... ha! Must go find the camera owners...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Decoration at Vivo!

Went to eat with my family on Sunday and it was like super jam and squeezy. We had to spent more than freaking half an hour to even leave the vivo multi-storey car park! It's that bad. The traffic...

Fast right?! Shopping malls, Orchard road, blahblah, all got beautiful lightings already! This means that my mum birthday is coming!! (She's the Santa Claus!)



Feeling bored doing your work?

Take a break, Have a picture! :) (I did some random effects using photoshop but I did not photoshop my "pretty" face...)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009


In the library the other day during break... Then, took these photos with wonnie beside me!





Whoo! Another "bimbo" came in! :) Hahaha! :X





Some headers maybe a little 'BHB'... Hee!

I'm so TIRED! :(


Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Spectacles

Ta-da! (Ignore my screwed(cui) hair! Haha! Too lazy to tidy it when I reached home.) My new black prada Specs!

I just adore the sides of the specs! It's bent... so unique right!


britney concert at austrailia. bad?!

On the newspaper(Straits times Lifestyle section if I'm not wrong), they said that the fans who went to britney spears concert at australia were very disappointed cause she lip-synced and complained about it. Well, It's so NOT TRUE! See the report below...

View Here:)

"there were no mass walk-outs, there were no disgruntled fans and the audience was genuinely entertained"! Whoo!! britney all the way! Why don't she come to singapore! Damn it!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012, The World Will END

Met up with Krystle today to watch 2012 at the cathay. Though the seats were like shit cause we sat at the second row, it's still worth it! Yeap, she was quite desperate for this movie...

The effect were really, really good that it's so freaking real! And it's super duper exciting that you would not get bored during the movie. After that, krystle told me that they think that the world will end in 2012 cause the calender stopped at 2012. There's no calender for 2013. So creepy right?! Then, Krystle and I were like, "huh... Then we study so hard and we die?! Let's stop studying! Tomorrow don't go school lah!"

Woah! Maybe the goverments are really building the ships now!! [SCREAMS]. But if the world really ends, I am going to kill myself first before I dropped down a crack or get smashed by a building! :X


Monday, November 16, 2009


Rainy days are the best days for my princess baobao!


Want some Ice-cream?

My brother friend gave him this...

ASTRONAUT ICE-CREAM! (Maybe they could eat them while enjoying the 'planets' scenery)

His friend bought this when he went to the science center.! So good right? If you saw xiaxue video, then you will know what's this lah! (Obviously...) Yea... I haven't try it yet so I'm not sure how it taste like...


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Searched for random english songs that can be played by the guitar from youtube when Me and my brother were way too bored. Then we realise that maybe we could play on my "ruan"... It actually WORKED! Found notes for (I'm yours by Jason Mraz, The man who can't be moved by The Script and Hey There Delilah by Plains' White T's!) I'm gonna try britney songs SOON! Cool right?! Maybe I should put on youtube?! Hee!!! [FUN!] But must seek for my brother's permission cause he's SINGING!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Flat Tire?!

Yesterday was a really "LUCKY" Day...

Coming Back From Marine Parade

[In The Car...]

Bro: EH?! Why got sound?!

Me: Ya lor! Got the "klong, klong" sound.

Dad: Ya hor... Better go check.

[Stop somewhere along the way]

Dad: (After checking) Tire Pan Chek(Flat) lah!

So... We had to change to the spare tire!

Had to lift up the whole car manually with this tool...

[The Cause Of Our Flat Tire!!] Stupid freaking small nail... Didn't know it's so POWERFUL~

Ha! Cool day ah?


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 14: Paris)

24th Sept, France, Lunch At Paris.

Whoo! It's SNAILS called Escargots... :) Looks disguesting, but nice! Squishy Squashy one!

Touring Around Paris In Our Tour Bus With A Local Guide.

"Red Light" District! It's looks better than singapore's Geylang. Haha!

The Moulin Rouge Musical. "What's This?" It's "Can-Can" Dance. It's very s-e-x-y...

I forgot the name of this building! (Their names are way too long...)

This is called Place de la Concorde. One of the largest squares in the world!

This is the "Champs Elysees"! The Avenue Of Paradise!

24th Sept, France, Paris Eiffel Tower.

We can take Lots and lots of photo with Eiffel Tower! It's just so damn COOL.! [Where's G.I JOE?!]

Queuing up for the elavator to bring us up to the 2nd level~

The 2nd Level Of Eiffel Tower.

My dad! The Video-camera man! He's in-charge of video-ing the whole trip! :)

Our dad then took photo for us!

Views From The Eiffel Tower.

Time to Get Down from the Eiffel Tower...

While On The Tour Bus To The Next Location.


They got a lot of statues in Paris.

Air France!

24th Sept, Paris, Les Invalides.

I love this building! (It's golden and So Outstanding!)

More 'Sight-Seeing' Shots.

City Guide: "This is the restaurant whereby most celebrities will meet up and dine in when they come Paris..." [What The Hell?! Where's BRITNEY?!?!?! OR ANY OTHER CELEBRITY?! I WANNA SEE THEM!]

I WORK HERE. [In my dreams... ]

Arc de Triomphe

[Front]This is So Freak-ING pretty!!



P.S Paris (Part 2) Coming Soon...