Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ugly Truth

[Steal this from Krystle!!]

Finally we get to watch "The ugly truth" together at bugis! I LOVE IT.

krsytle and I always LOVE LOVE LOVE the same guy! (This time round, it's Gerald Butler!) He's hot and funny okay? Katherine Heigl too actually. :) So, overall, NICE MOVIE!

Ate dinner at... Ha! Yoshinoya. We are now very budget cause we are, one word, "b-r-o-k-e". But we still had left overs to buy Diva at ION! OOPS! :X I love the bracelet and krystle loves her FLOWER HAIRPINS. Luckily, I have a fierce look so no sales assistant will pester me to purchase stuff.... :P Right, krystle? Haha! Then, came back to Kovan to takeaway burgers and ate ice-cream with bitch~ Random. It's a sudden craving. Then, took the bus in a rush and freaking forgot to pass krystle her present! (She says I purposely did that so that I can meet her again... HA! YA.! She's so CLEVER! ) So, we maybe meeting again on Wednesday! Tata! We shall spend more time together cause someone's flying to JAPAN! (damn it...) HEE!


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