Wednesday, October 14, 2009

KK always together!

Suppose to post this on... Let's see... Last week?! Well, Anyway, I met Krystle for lunch!!! (bitch) Actually it's to pass her some stuff.

Kovan's HK Cafe. While waiting for our yummy food.

I ordered their iced milk tea and krystle ordered... not sure how to spell the tea?

Both of us ordered Bake rice! Hmm... We had the same taste la. :)

It's MUSHROOM baked rice! Healthy ma~

We were like talking about our secondary school life while eating. Sigh~ So slack and yet so fun! Met krystle in Sec 3 and we clicked directly~ Whoo!

Then we shopped around kovan for Krystle's lipstick~ Haha! And I decided to go her house to mess up her room. :P Heh~ Met her dajie when we were heading to her house. She changed her hairstyle! Paiseh, That's why I was like "eh?" when she was waving happily at me. :X Oops!

Krystle's House


Love this pic! I didn't know that we had the same pose until Krystle told me!! Weird!

What the hell is on my freaking nose?! Shit I think. NOLA! It's on krystle's MIRROR! Not me! Im very clean one~ :P

The overly-Accesorize fashion! :D


Heart Camwhoring! :))

Then we watched new moon trailer & had LOTS OF GOOSEBUMPS! BOTH OF US LOVE TAYLOR!!! :D That's why krystle hates Selena Gomez... HAHA!

That's all for tha day! :D Will miss ya bitch!!! Will meet up again SOON! (Must ask wenlin along. HAHA)


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