Monday, October 19, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 8: Lucerne)

19th Sept, Switzerland, Lucerne.

Finally! After 3-4 hours plus bus ride, we reach LUCERNE from Milan! (Some petrol station). That's why my hair was so screwed. :P hee! But who cares! Waha!

19th Sept, Lucerne, Lion Monument.

Not really sure what it say... Anyway, Just take a photo with it! Haha!

Acting COURAGEOUS!! (actually I don't know what am I posing).

FAMILY Photo with the lion~ Rah!

19th Sept, Lucerne, Old Town And Chapel Bridge.

Crossing the road to see...

The Swans! It wanted to bite my hand...

The Chapel Bridge... (at the right. The wooden one?)

Yes! We are on the bridge!

emo enough?

Some cute fountain we found on the way back to our bus!

19th Sept, Lucerne, Swiss Hotel.


Check out the basins~~~ Ha!

Went down for dinner at the hotel's restaurant. This the standard BREADs they always have for meals.

Waiting for the dishes...

Damn bored so went out to cam-whore! :)

Poor cow... Being tortured by us.

Went back to the room to take a photo with this swiss-kind of roof. Ha! And we were off to bed! :D


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