Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 7: Milan)

19th Sept, Milan, Castello Sforzesco.

Whoo! We reached Milan! This is the first location!! Tada!

Oh. It's just a display... This fountain...

My mum looked like a small kid beside my brother right?!

Welcome to the Military Fortress! (Designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Hole-ly fortress...

"Fierce" police on... Horses... OOH! SCARY~

The Sun was super &@!*#&@. That's why my eyes were so TINY!!!

My brother long leg with my sis's face...

My brother acting cute behind my sister's back...

(Translate from chinese song)So damn cute rose~ OOWA~ SO DAMN CUTE ROSE~ OOWA~

We found this act-shy geisha there~ Hmm...

Too tired to listen to the history of the fortress... So... SNAP.


AND SNAP. I don't even remember taking this photo...

Is my brother taller? Or did my sister shrink?

19th Sept, Somewhere in Milan...

Whoo! Pretty! Just nice the bus came! :P Guess who we saw?? We Saw the MAYOR leh! -.-

This is actually a shopping that leads you to something... MAGNIFICENT!

Right smack in the center of the shopping center the tour guide showed us these paintings. But we were actually looking at the shops... Oh ya. Their shop's name on the banner or whatsoever must be in black and gold. Even the macdonald. It's Cool!

Guess what's this!

Answer: It's Good luck charm! You have to step on your heel on the bull's/cow's private part and turn two full round to have luck! :) Not sure if it works though...

19th Sept, Milan, Milan Cathedral.

One word when you see this. "WOAH". Then, you will hurry grab the camera and shout, "TAKE PHOTO!"

This castle is made up of MARBLE! It's really damn nice. (similar to the spain one though) :) And... That's all for Milan! We shall head to Switzerland now! :D Prettiest!


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