Friday, October 9, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 6: Venice)

18th Sept, Italy, Boarding Boat to Venice.

Gonna take a boat to Venice! Luckily, I didn't get any seasick...

Some shots taken during the boat ride. Buildings on water! Anyway, It's a Misty morning...

18th Sept, Italy, Venice.

Welcome to Venice! The seagull is so cute! HA!

Gondola. One of their attraction.

Walking towards the St.Marks square.

Bridge of Sighs. (The arrow pointing to it) It's for the prisoners in 19th century.

This is The St.Marks Square! Nice right?!

The Doges Palace. The Paintings on it were REALLY NICE...

The Huge clock has zodiac signs and two sculptures will hit the large bell on top when it's like 1pm, 2pm and so on.

An encounter with FRIENDLY pigeons... (They are un-afraid of HUMANS)

Lots of shops there sold these Masquerade masks!

The best gondola among the rest! The seat still got cushion one!

Venetian Glass-blowing demostration. It's super super COOL!

18th Sept, Venice, Lunch time~

This is the MUST-TRY pasta! Squid sauce! Hahaha! Makes your lips black like you had just been poison! (Took some photos of my family having black lips but it's too unglam. So, not putting it here! :P)

The main course~ The pastas are always the side dishes...

A Must-eat stuff after meals! ICE-CREAM! Anyway, we are sitting on the stand for people to walk on it cause the place has flood during high tide!

Finaly, Family portrait! :)

18th Sept, 2 Stop-overs before reaching Milan.

First stop-over. At some random supermarket...

My mum very cute right?! HAHA

And the second! Autogrill! :D Next stop, MILAN!


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