Thursday, October 8, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 5: Florence)

17th Sept, Italy, Travelling From Tuscany Region To Florence

We always stops at the Autogrill for toilet and 'butt' break after 2-3 hrs bus ride.

17th Sept, Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo

See their happy faces! :))) Ha!

Views of the Florence city! NICE~

Taking with the random small shop behind!

Not sure what's the building behind us... :X

17th Sept, Florence, Piazza del Duomo.

Basically, it is a sqaure containing a beautiful church built in Florentine style.

The front of the church... Ya, It's raining and some STUPID pickpocket tried to pick my dad's pouch! Luckily, my dad "OIE" him in time... Ha!

Can't save this picture cause it's too dark... But I LOVE THE Ceiling! Forgot to take a picture of it. -.-

Light up, Light up~

The back of the church...

Nice golden door eh?

17th Sept, Florence, Piazza della Signoria

Europe's ZARA...


My photography skills very good right?! Can spot a bird flying past...

Learning the history of the sculptures, art and all..

It's nicer here compared to Clarke Quay. :P

Gelato! (Ice-Cream) It's very nice~ Especially the chocolate flavor! (They call it "chiocolato". Not sure if the spelling is right... but it is pronounce in this way. I think... :X)

Fun shots again!

And last of all, Family photo! :D

Spotted this MINI bus on our way back to our tour coach.

17th Sept, Tuscany Region, Dinner Time! (The Florentine Steak)

This friendly waiter just came in when we wanted to take a photo of our parents! Haha!

Free Music while enjoying the food...

Free red wine too~ Drank just 1 cup and... My face turned red. =.=

This is not the main course yet...

This steak IS! This dinner is super FILLING! Before the pastaS, there's still ham, bacon and bread... [BURP]


After dinner, cam-whore! :D We were like crazy taking photos and there's this waited keeping stuff and saw us. He came and said he will help us take photo. So... Alright. After taking our photo, when I went to take the camera, he gave it and asked me to take a photo with my sis and brother! Ha! Shocking right! So, we took turns to take a photo with him lor~ Ha! I don't think singaporeans would do this...

17th Sept, Back To Hotel.

Guess whats the basin doing beside the toilet bowl?

Ans: Haha! It's for washing ass~:P


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