Thursday, October 1, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 4: Pisa)

16th Sept, Italy, Designer Outlet.

It's Shopping Time!!

HAHA! Polo Ralph Lauren! (To wonnie: Singapore's cheaper. It's In EURO there!!)

Bought some stuff and we are ready to set off again!

16th Sept, Italy, Pisa.

On the bus to pisa! (No tour bus allowed so we had to take public bus)

Lots of angmohs~

Building number 1.! See! We pointing to you where the door is!

Building number 2.! My sis kissing the souvenir we bought there...

If you do not know what is this... DIE.

N.G! I am suppose to push the leaning tower la. Never mind. Change pose...

Fun Shots! You can see people doing weird poses with the leaning tower. Haha!

Family portrait!

Building number 4.! The Last one!

16th Sept, Italy, On The Bus To Dinner.

Olympic Sign spotted on the road! Held in this country in the year... ... Whatever..

Sorry, But I have never seen such RED oranges before!

16th Sept, Italy, Back At The Hotel.

My brother and my mum went to the nearby supermarket to shop and buy water. See what they actually bought back for me!

The known-to-be extinct egg! Kinder Surprise!!!!! WHOO! So, I went down to buy another 3 boxes.!!(Only due to small luggage) Exciting right! I really miss it a lot! Though I think the toys inside now suck. :P

P.S. If you missed the first few parts of my trips, please go to the archives to view them! :) Hee!

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