Friday, October 30, 2009

Coraline Movie!

I met up with Wenlin and Krystle yesterday for Coraline Movie! :D hee! They so lucky right, get to go the SAME class! Sigh... :P It's okay! I can at least go out with them at least like one in a month or so?! Hee!

The movie starts at 5.30pm so we decided to "ROT" at Ben & Jerry's!

1 Cup, 2 Sccops, 3 People Share!

We are the so-called TWINS! :)

And This is my best Bitch! :)

Coraline is Dakota Fanning! That's why I wanna watch this movie! For a cartoon, I think it's good. Better than Monster VS Aliens for sure. (In my opinion lah). We laughed at weird parts and there was a part whereby we were all damn "gan-chiong"(tense). After the movie, we were so tired that we went home straight away. Haha! Anyway, Main purpose was just to meet up and See them! Whoo!! Ah wen & Krys! Must meet up for another movie okay! Maybe... Jennifer's body?! HEE!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 11: Jungfrau)

21st Sept, Interlaken, Heading Towards Jungfrau

The Train Station.

We Have to board this train to reach Jungfrau! Exciting! :D Oh ya. It's just me and my sis now cause my brother ain't feeling well so my parents stayed at interlaken to take care of him! :) So good right? Hee! Luckily, we will be staying in Interlaken for 2 nights! We had to take video and photo by ourselves! Busy~


Second Station. Nope! Not going down yet~

Look at the middle of the mountain! You can already see SOME SNOW.

Change Train! To this red one~

Haha! We were trying to capture the smoke when we blow. Oops! Nothing! HA!

Up We Go Again

Just Nice! A mirror for us!

Whoo! Reaching really soon! Exciting right?

They let us alight here for photo-taking! (With the snow mountains...)

21st Sept, Jungfrau, Top!

The temperature was actually -2.5 degrees! freaking COLD.

My sis very pow-der-ful. She no need to wear her freaking glove! -.-

I can't pose properly cause it's so cold! Brghh.. And It's actually SNOWING!

Can imagine how big was the wind la~ See my freaking idiotic messy hair and you will know!

WHOO! YAY! We were at the TOP OF EUROPE.!

Heading To The Restaurant For Lunch.

The Swiss Cow! Moo~

Haha!! Oops! My fault! My sis was suppose to be kissing the cow not the BELL. :P

Soup! Chicken? should be. Forgot how it taste like.

Main course. This was Alrighty for me... not my sis.

Dessert Last. It looks nice... but taste... HMM.

21st Sept, Jungfrau, Ice Palace.

Video-ing the whole trip! My sis was the host for our video! :D Hee!

See the ICE FLOOR and WALL....

The tour guide, Tevin, actually asked us to skate. HA! Yep! It's that slippery!

There were dfferent sculptures like this one is... hmm... bear?

Those are eagles at the back~ ah ha...

This are Eskimos and seals.

They had plenty of this sign to take photo with! -.-

Mouse trapped in ice cubes are cute!

End of the Ice palace~ (More like cave ah)

The VERY TOP Of Jungfrau.!


That we ran out, Took photos, and ran back into the buidling~ HEe! IT's freaking cold.

Looks real?! Na... It's just a background la! Hmm, actually, it's not that bad!

21st Sept, Jungfrau. Going Back To Interlaken.

[One Of my favoite photo!]

I remembered we Sat the train and fell asleep.We were too tired to take anymore photos...And That's all for the trip to Jungfrau! Yay! I Will miss the Scenery there man... It's incredible~