Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Term Break!!

[SCREAM, SHOUT, BANG, LAUGH, CRY] I need to announce something to all of you reading this post...


My feeling now is, [sigh], relieved~ I am going to watch my TV series plus animation. :X Then, Play maple. Then, hang out with my Bud-budSsssSSss. (Buddies la) Oh my gosh! So many things/tasks to do!!

Anyway, back to 'todays' stuff. After exams, of course, we had to TAKE A BREAK right?! So, went to have a GREAT dinner with my peeps at Chinatown~ [List of foods that we had ordered below...]

1st to come: Butter chicken! I love it! :D

Next in line! Gang gong! Whatever. I don't know how to spell this very hot vegetable dish...

3rd: Tofu hotplate! My favorite TOFU(S)!

Next... This one... Hmm... Let me think... Eh! I don't know what's this funny looking dish is called! :X Anyway, it's Nice.!

Oh my god! 5th: Cereal/Oatmeal Prawns!! My FAVORITE TOO! Not the prawns, but the CEREAL!

Last of all, CURRY FISH HEAD! It's really hot.! I like curries that are not hot. Ya.. I know... Very Contradicting...

[Bloated] Yes!! Cheap and Good! :D

Head to Vivo city to shop and slack cause we didn't want to go home yet. Window shopping at Zara, Pull and Bear, Forever 21 and River Island. Then, bought a rubber mat from Daiso, went arcade to see ZX play Tekken and played 'monkey' with a pooh bear soft toy at the open area on the top level. Lazy monkey = ade. :P Now, I am going to show you a really PRETTY lady called ade.

Presenting you The Pink Lady ~~ [TADA]

Very Pink right! Hey! It's one of my favorite color! Anyway, you see this PRETTY lady, so unglam! She actually put her flats ON THE COUCH! My gosh! =.=... And the 90 dollars bag, she can't resist it. She's going to buy a black one~ High-maintenance woman. Hai~ Must learn to save money ah, ade~

Shall post again tomorrow! I am going out again! :D [Smiling]


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