Monday, September 28, 2009


(Was too lazy to post this before going to Europe.) Watched G-FORCE with Melody, Bingyuan and Jason! Unbelievable right?! I wasn't planning to watch this movie at all actually but then, there were no movies for us to watch. Stupid M18 shows.

The guinea pigs were indeed really CUTE AND CUDDLY! But, this movie is easily forgotten. I can't really remember the story... -.-

Watched another movie with krystle too. It's stupid and silly but Hayden acted in it! Rah~ Not sure why she would accept to act in this movie.

"I LOVE YOu BETH COOPER". I laughed at only.. THAT ONE particular part! after the movie, me and 'bitch' were like having this [-.-...] face. Sigh. We watched it at bugis! Filmgarde! Not bad~ I mean, THE CINEMA. Not the MOVIE.


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