Sunday, September 6, 2009


Just came back from Orchard Ion. [Bought nothing...] Alright! Post my outing photos now! :D We were suppose to watch a movie, but... Change of plan!!

Marina, Singapore Flyer.

Three ladies zi-lian photos in the flyer! :D The guys... "Camera-shy".

Group: Continuous three shots pose! (Some pictures are too "unglam", So, Not posting!)

The XOXO category~ OUH.. So SWEET right?!

Amos And Jielun. Sight-Seeing...

The 'Random' photos category. (Must really teach Wonnie how to take a good picture!)

Singapore, The Squeezy Lion City... (They are still constructing more buildings though. E.g Casino on the 2nd photo)

Orchard, Heeren's Jackplace.

My Grilled Salmon with HUGE potato

And Wonnie's Steak with HUGE potato.

I will always remember the stupid Jackplace membership card...

Cineleisure, The Ladies Toilet. (Obviously)

The wild night that we had lots of fun together! Talking and doing some crazy stuff. Hee! Will meet up again SOON, I guess. Two bimbos had to work for the next week! -.-... Alright! Gonna watch my series again! Tata! :D


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