Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Duck Tour!

I get to see my bitch today! Like, finally?! : )) She got so much 'class' stories to share with me! It's scary cause I think I can name her classmate's names. Plus, [whisper]she's very 'hua ci'. Oh no!

Got down at cathay to check out the timing for movies but, sadly, we were not in luck. Earliest movie starts at 3pm. Na... Too rush for us to go for our duck tour! So, we decided to eat Astons and head down to city hall instead! :D

At Mac, eating our Mcflurry!

Time to board the Ducky!(Name is Katrina)

Let me introduce this pretty lady~ She is Krystle's sister and she was our duck tour, Tour guide today! Cool right! (Wow. I didn't know tour guide had to be super hyper...)

I didn't know I can act cute so well! :P Wahaha!

Singapore's "Scenery"

The spiky Esplanade.

The IR's new hotels!

Our mummy Merlion! There is a baby Merlion at the back of the Mummy, (Can't see in this photo) and the Daddy's at Sentosa! Sad family... Being split.

Took the stupid squeezy MRT back home with krystle. (We were seperated for a period of time. I dislikes crowd) Went to the dental after my date with Krys! I love spending my time with my bitch! (Honoured right?-->To: Krystle) That is because, we always have a common interest! :) Shall meet her again tomorrow!


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