Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Europe Trip (Part 3: Rome)

15th Sept, Rome, Trevi Fountain.

Guess what's this!

Answer: Obviously it's a fountain. -.- For this fountain, there is a legend that says that if you toss a coin into the fountain, you will come back to the city. (Which is Rome). Two coins: Couples will have everlasting love. Three coins: Couples will get a divorce. (HAHA! The first one is true but the rest was told by the city tour guide. Not sure if she is joking or not...)

15th Sept, Rome, Taken At A Nearby Church

Dinner time

See how BIG the pizzas are! Is really thin. The crust. Unlike, Pizza Hut... Lalala

Is this water special or what? Keep you young? Cause I saw lots of people filling their bottles there...

15th Sept, Rome, Spanish Steps

American's Next Top Model had been here before! Hee!

Saw this shop when we climbed up the Spanish Steps...

And that's all of the places that we had visited for Rome! (Didn't know that I took so many pictures...)


Europe Trip (Part 2: Rome)

15th Sept, On The Tour Bus.

I think I saw this in a movie! Either Da vinci or Angels Or Demons. Well, I get to see it LIVE.

15th Sept, Rome, Some Street For A Cup Of Coffee And Gelato(Ice-cream).

This car can be found anywhere and everywhere in Italy! The Smart Car! It's so mini and squeezy! Not sure why they love it so much...

Enjoying the best coffee in the world! Really! It's that good! Even the machines ones are better than singapore's ones! OOPS! :X

15th Sept, Rome, Colosseum.

OOH! THE COLOSSEUM! Why are there so many holes in it?!

That's why we must take more photos with it! Didn't really pay attention to the guide again... :X

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! (Took this ourselves) Sure can win an award! :D


Europe Trip (Part 1: Rome)

14th Sept, In Changi Airport, Terminal 3.

At the gate, waiting to board the airplane to Europe! : (( [Air-sickness time. That's why I looked so sian]

15th Sept, In Italy's Rome Airport.

Oh my god. I WANNA COMPLAIN about this freaking guy who was stamping our passport! He was super, SUPER IDIOTIC! He was giving his 'jiao meng' but Never MIND. He 'sian-ly' stamp our passport(the chop had "invisible" ink cause we had to find really long for the light colored chop!) and he THREW our passport out of the freaking hole of the counter! You know, those kind of hole under the glass window whereby you go to the bus interchange counter to top up your ez-link with cash?! Ya. The funny thins was that he missed the hole while throwing out my brother's passport! But then, he freaking took it, aim and throw it out again. -.- wtf guy. He would be FIRED by his boss real soon!

Getting our luggage from the belt.

15th Sept, Vatican City, St Peter's Basilica.

WELCOME TO ROME! After 13 hours of flight!! [faint] But it's worthwhile!

The thing we hang over our neck is... erm... like radio(from the company called, "Whisper..."). Haha! Our city tour guide has one and she would talk into the microphone and we would hear it from our earpiece. Because they don't allow tour leaders to talk loudly when we enter the church. Though it's cool, the sound was so muffled that I didn't understand a thing the city tour guide said... (maybe it's because of her english too. :P)

Even the ceilings are so pretty!

It's damn grand~

this beautiful thing was on the FLOOR! For people to step!

There's a Pope behind.(Cannot be seen. Too far behind) Not suppose to take this photo but, who cares!

The men with the colorful clothes on are the swiss guard. :) At least, I know who and what they are! :P

Last of all, Family portrait! This ends the St Peter's tour! (By the way, some movie's scenes are taken here!)