Monday, August 3, 2009

SY Performence at Botanic Garden

Rehearsal in the afternoon.

Actual performence in the evening.

Went Chengsan in the morning and SYCO performence at botanic garden in the afternoon. The performence actually starts at 6pm but we have to report earlier la. Oh~ Saw lots of cute dogs! Oh my gosh!!! Too bad~ my parents didn't bring baobao there. Hee! My dog is an anti-social one. [She's now lying flat on the floor outside my room... So lazy~] I love mambo number 5! Cause that's the only song that people will really enjoy! Not saying that the rest are bad or what but mambo was the best! :D Saw an 'angmo' woman dancing when we were playing! COOL RIGHT?! And there were lots of people watching! WHoo!

SIGH! And what am I gonna do now? PROJECT! Shitty projects.! Can't wait to finish all the projects. Sigh! :( I'm dying!!!

P.S Cannot upload pictures cause of the stupid blogger again!


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