Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Projects, DOWN! G.I JOE!

Yay! Today's 40% project done! Damn shuang! We had 2 teachers today, to listen to our presentation. The other teacher was... RAH. Cannot describe man! Now I think that WYH is a 'not really bad' teacher la. (TO THE OTHER B-I-A-T-C-H, I lOVE HARD CODING! WHAT CAN YOU DO!)

Went to watch HOT guys in GI Joe after presentation with (Adeline, Amos, Damien, Darren, Jielun, Yuwon, Zong Xiang). :D The sound was super shiok in The GRAND cathay! Whoo! stupid wonnie, keep saying my ears cock when she too, would blast music in her EAR. =.= RIGHT, WONNIE? :p

Duke (Channing Tatum: The Step up One actor)

Ripcord (Marlon Wayans)

Baroness(Sienna Miller)

Scarlett(Rachel Nichols)

Snake Eyes (Ray Park)

the man behind the mask for the whole movie

Storm Shadow (Byung-Hun Lee)


2 hours pack of action! Love it! Most importantly, we can see guys with hot body! REally! All of them got hot bodies! Hot stuff! :P I'm so gonna buy blue ray for this MOVIE! Hee!

Ate astons and Ben & Jerrys. :D Well, we do know how to enjoy life! Haha! Gonna meet them tomorrow for a mahjong session! Its time to De-stress before working hard again for EXAMS!


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