Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orphan Movie

I'm suppose to be studying, I know... but my friends wanna watch Orphan And Well... It's tempting okay?!(And it's more fun when I'm with them!:X) Went to marina square to watch and we got the super 'cosy' cinema. It was so small!! Damn it! There's like only 8 rows and we got
the 4th row?! Then, the guys went to the "grab toys" machine to 'diao' these cute sesame street mini big-bird, cookie monster and elmo! Zong Xiang gave me the cookie monster and WeiRong gave me the big bird!



Mini and cute!


Storyline, not bad. (Spoiler: This girl is 33 years old!) and it's very like... How to phrase it. Like those movie you would scream, "OH MY GOD! HURRY! KILL HER! KILL! RUN! HIDE!" Those type. Ahha! TENSE! Yes! This is the word! That's the feeling~ Then, the killing part was like, wtf? It's gross! But compared to final destination, Peanut! There was a part whereby I was scared by the laugther of the childrens and choked on my own saliva! Irritating Stupid laughter! But... Not only me who 'jumped', hee, Zong xiang too! He even scold CB right away! (He was still eating... That's why. [haha!]) Isabelle Fuhrman's (Esther: The orphan) acting was good. She had to seduce older guys, be a 33 years old woman, plus, she had to be a mad one... It's difficult okay!


Found this picture of her! She looks so different from the movie right?! [Obviously~]

The Last thing that I want to scream is: NO~ I don't wanna take back the Differentiation quiz tomorrow! NO!!!!!


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