Sunday, August 9, 2009


Finished our final project work yesterday! It's like FINALLY! I think I scolded hundereds of 'f' while doing the freaking codings till 3am. Sigh~ It's super stress... Well, I'm just waiting to present on tuesday and TADA! WHOO! exams... =.=... Boring~~ Oh my. Don't know if I can survive through my 2nd and 3rd year. [Scream!]

Anyway, Went to slack at orchard yesterday with my class peeps.(Adeline, Amos, Amy, Angelin, Darren, Jielun, Jingxi, Wei Rong, Yishan, Yuwon, Zong Xiang) Was intending to catch 'Hangover' but the cinema seats were fully booked! So, we went to 'mum mum', walk around at Orchard Ion, stepped into LV boutique with adeline, zong xiang and jie lun(Must enjoy the feeling of being a taitai) and Eat ice-cream at Far-east plaza. :D Talked rubbish together and took MRT back to Ang mo kio. The freaking 132 wa super long. Lucky, yishan accompanied me! Then, I have to squeeze with random people n the bus back home... Sigh! TIRED and Angry cause of my stupid internet connectio yesterday. NOW, BLOGGER! Blogger sucks. Gonna change to livejounrnal soon!

Shall relax for one day!WHOO!


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