Monday, July 13, 2009

Nanyang Poly Beautiful Sunday!

Yesterday was NYP's CO beautiful Sunday concert. Woke up freaking early to take a bus to esplanade in school... -.- I could have taken car there at around 9.30... We had Full house (with some empty seats) and the reason were that it was free and we played Mandarin pop songs instead of traditional ones. :) Well... The truth is that actually the performence was alright only. I shall not comment too much. :p Hee! Photos below. Not a lot because I forgot to bring my CAMERA! RAH! Never mind! Got another with them in november. :D

Daphne (pipa).

Angie. (Liuqin)

Liting & ShaoHong. (Ruanners)

Shao hong. (Da ruan)

Chaixia and geneviene (ruanner and pipa)

While rehearsing on stage...

WHOO! Plucking always rocks! :)

Plucking section behind the back stage with wu lao shi.

That's all for the day! To those lovely, pretty, handsome buddies of mine who came, THANKS! :D LOVE YOU ! :D


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