Monday, July 6, 2009

ileuma Jap restaurant..


As for school, my marketing ICA suck. I'm going to know my grades tomorrow for all subject and there will be lots of upcoming projects! (Petrified) Currently, mapling all because of wonnie and zhong xiang influence.. :X Oops! Got to know a very cool mother on maple today! She is married with kids! How cool can that be! Watched MJ (Micheal Jackson) Memorial for a short while. I am not a big fan of he's but I do know that he is the King of Pop and he has Amazing talent! The show was really sad la. Oh gosh! Shall sleep now! Tomorrow gotta wake up early~ Sigh... And I have to start working harder!

Sunday (5th of July)

(Finally I could upload pictures) Had dinner at Ileuma Japanese restaurant on Saturday after Co practice with my family! :) The restaurant was unique and the managers were super energetic!

This is how you order your food. Use this pen scanner to scan the food on the menu! Cool right! :D

My curry Ebi rice!! Looks fattening right? Sigh... But I love it! Hee!

That's all for THAT day! Went back and played mahjong! Ha! Yes! This is my family lifestyle!


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