Thursday, July 23, 2009

Haunting in Connecticut

Came home early because of SY (But in the end, It's cancelled) while the rest went to eat billy bombers! (Arghh!)

Supported ZX at the auditorium (He sang the clearest, loudest and let's say, best? Don't head big ah, ZX!) and went straight to The cathay to catch this movie...
The Haunting In Connecticut!

Being scared by the stupid man in the mirror in the front and when he walk past. It's like so sudden?! Plus the stupid sound is damn loud in CATHAY. Scary! Wonnie sat beside me and she was like listening to her Ipod?! So chicken! :P And ZX was like kicking our chair to scare us! Irritating right! oh. I'm used to it le. I could hear Angeling weird laughter for the whole movie! For adeline, She was like lying on Amos or the entire movie! Ade ah, Don't eat people's tofu ma!

Hmm... The ending was good! Didn't expect it cause normally, horror movies ending sucks to the core. Well, this is different then! :) Not bad!

They took this picture without me!!! Never mind! No my face = Not perfect! HAHA! WONNIE LALALA! :P


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