Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince!

Today was a great day! Why?! It's because I just finish watching MY HARRY POTTER! WHOO~ Oh. My sister drove my parents car today to AMK hub. Haha! The way she drove the car was... Woo~ :P Ate at new york new york. Though there was a freaking queue, we still waited... Stubborn what...

Weird when she drives...

Our onion ring side dish.

Strawberry Smoothie! It's Pink!

Sister's mushroom sandwich.

My Spaghetti Bolognese(Shit. I'm bad at spelling this). It's looks disgusting in this picture right?

My brother's whole spring chicky!

Me and hermoine Granger!! Couldn't take harry and ron so...

We took with the All-in-one poster! :D

The movie was quite disappointing la. The stupid director cut away those really nice scenes again! Those action ones! Like how he directed the order of pheonix~ Still... Sigh! But I will always LOVE HARRY POTTER MOVIE AND BOOKS! :D Reminder: Please know your facts well first before watching this movie. CHEERS TO HARRY POTTER LOVERS! (can't wait for deathly hallows!)

P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIEN(MANGO ZHUI)! Wish your dreams(growing taller) would come true!


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  1. spaghetti bolognese is a sub standard meal