Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Formal Presentation in school!

Had the first individual presentation today!! (For Communication skills) What can I say?! [phew...] Finally, it's over!! :) Whoo!! However, we still had to rush out our marketing and iweb project. Exams gonna be on 24 august and I'm gonna die! Boohoo~

Do ignore my cute hair hanging at the side.. :P



Zhong Xiang dao face! Irritating right?! :p

ZhongXiang (bhb guy).

Jielun.! (The bian tai. Actually the guys in our class are al bian tais).

Amos.! (Amos! Why did you close your eyes! I got no other photos le. bo bian. Have to post this unglam one. :P )

Yi Sang.!



Wei Rong!

Classic photo. Well... They are force to take this picture... For SOME reason...

Not sure what they are doing to Damien, the small kid. :P

Stupid ZX hands... -.-

WOO! I look damn weird~

Groupies pictures!

Angelin's spoilt camera took this! Make our head grow algae!

That's all for today! Good luck to those who are going to present next week! Muacks!


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