Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For today...

Had leave from C-maths lesson today because SY had to preform for the SYF presentation on 31st august at esplanade! (PEOPLE, there's a concert at botanic garden on 2nd August! :D ) I dislike com skills! Cause I got a freaking B+ for my presentation! :( RAH! Never mind! It's over! :D

People sometimes will get bored like US! (WONNIE AND ZX) WE were copying people's MSN nick! Hee! It's super funny!!! I don't know why I would laugh at lame stuff too. Don't ask me... Maybe cause I am one la. :P

Well, got to rush out 2 projects and study for exams! BOOHOO! And now, I'm feeling HUNGRY! RAH!


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