Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For today...

Had leave from C-maths lesson today because SY had to preform for the SYF presentation on 31st august at esplanade! (PEOPLE, there's a concert at botanic garden on 2nd August! :D ) I dislike com skills! Cause I got a freaking B+ for my presentation! :( RAH! Never mind! It's over! :D

People sometimes will get bored like US! (WONNIE AND ZX) WE were copying people's MSN nick! Hee! It's super funny!!! I don't know why I would laugh at lame stuff too. Don't ask me... Maybe cause I am one la. :P

Well, got to rush out 2 projects and study for exams! BOOHOO! And now, I'm feeling HUNGRY! RAH!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Haunting in Connecticut

Came home early because of SY (But in the end, It's cancelled) while the rest went to eat billy bombers! (Arghh!)

Supported ZX at the auditorium (He sang the clearest, loudest and let's say, best? Don't head big ah, ZX!) and went straight to The cathay to catch this movie...
The Haunting In Connecticut!

Being scared by the stupid man in the mirror in the front and when he walk past. It's like so sudden?! Plus the stupid sound is damn loud in CATHAY. Scary! Wonnie sat beside me and she was like listening to her Ipod?! So chicken! :P And ZX was like kicking our chair to scare us! Irritating right! oh. I'm used to it le. I could hear Angeling weird laughter for the whole movie! For adeline, She was like lying on Amos or the entire movie! Ade ah, Don't eat people's tofu ma!

Hmm... The ending was good! Didn't expect it cause normally, horror movies ending sucks to the core. Well, this is different then! :) Not bad!

They took this picture without me!!! Never mind! No my face = Not perfect! HAHA! WONNIE LALALA! :P


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orchard Ion Rocks!

Just came back from Orchard Ion.! WHOO! It's the coolest shopping centre in Singapore! Lots of new shops available! But my brother says that they will not have H&M le! AH!!!! DAMN SIAN RIGHT?! I'm like so looking forward to H&M?! Sigh... At least there are still new shops available! :D


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Formal Presentation in school!

Had the first individual presentation today!! (For Communication skills) What can I say?! [phew...] Finally, it's over!! :) Whoo!! However, we still had to rush out our marketing and iweb project. Exams gonna be on 24 august and I'm gonna die! Boohoo~

Do ignore my cute hair hanging at the side.. :P



Zhong Xiang dao face! Irritating right?! :p

ZhongXiang (bhb guy).

Jielun.! (The bian tai. Actually the guys in our class are al bian tais).

Amos.! (Amos! Why did you close your eyes! I got no other photos le. bo bian. Have to post this unglam one. :P )

Yi Sang.!



Wei Rong!

Classic photo. Well... They are force to take this picture... For SOME reason...

Not sure what they are doing to Damien, the small kid. :P

Stupid ZX hands... -.-

WOO! I look damn weird~

Groupies pictures!

Angelin's spoilt camera took this! Make our head grow algae!

That's all for today! Good luck to those who are going to present next week! Muacks!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Some random photos.

The Sakae and Krystle's house memories...

We wasted our precious money on Sakae Buffet at Dhoby. The Wudong Sucks.

Spending time at khoo's house after dinner~

Wenlin's Auntie attitude!!

Wenlin is good at raving rabbits but not...


I got the 'Out of poses' look... -.-

Always Enjoyed the moments with them... Sigh! I'm starting to miss them again.! (Who ask them go TP and Leave me alone in NYP~ Hmph!) Aiya, I will see them soon anyway! We always find reasons to meet out so that we would not forget each other! :P


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince!

Today was a great day! Why?! It's because I just finish watching MY HARRY POTTER! WHOO~ Oh. My sister drove my parents car today to AMK hub. Haha! The way she drove the car was... Woo~ :P Ate at new york new york. Though there was a freaking queue, we still waited... Stubborn what...

Weird when she drives...

Our onion ring side dish.

Strawberry Smoothie! It's Pink!

Sister's mushroom sandwich.

My Spaghetti Bolognese(Shit. I'm bad at spelling this). It's looks disgusting in this picture right?

My brother's whole spring chicky!

Me and hermoine Granger!! Couldn't take harry and ron so...

We took with the All-in-one poster! :D

The movie was quite disappointing la. The stupid director cut away those really nice scenes again! Those action ones! Like how he directed the order of pheonix~ Still... Sigh! But I will always LOVE HARRY POTTER MOVIE AND BOOKS! :D Reminder: Please know your facts well first before watching this movie. CHEERS TO HARRY POTTER LOVERS! (can't wait for deathly hallows!)

P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIEN(MANGO ZHUI)! Wish your dreams(growing taller) would come true!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Nanyang Poly Beautiful Sunday!

Yesterday was NYP's CO beautiful Sunday concert. Woke up freaking early to take a bus to esplanade in school... -.- I could have taken car there at around 9.30... We had Full house (with some empty seats) and the reason were that it was free and we played Mandarin pop songs instead of traditional ones. :) Well... The truth is that actually the performence was alright only. I shall not comment too much. :p Hee! Photos below. Not a lot because I forgot to bring my CAMERA! RAH! Never mind! Got another with them in november. :D

Daphne (pipa).

Angie. (Liuqin)

Liting & ShaoHong. (Ruanners)

Shao hong. (Da ruan)

Chaixia and geneviene (ruanner and pipa)

While rehearsing on stage...

WHOO! Plucking always rocks! :)

Plucking section behind the back stage with wu lao shi.

That's all for the day! To those lovely, pretty, handsome buddies of mine who came, THANKS! :D LOVE YOU ! :D