Monday, June 29, 2009

Waraku dinner!

(Last Sunday)

Weekends are family days! And so, we went to Waraku (Marina Square) to have our dinner... The restaurant + food was FANTASTIC! I wanna have more!

Waiting in queue for our table...

Picking the ones you love...

While waiting for the food to be serve...

Our great, lovely parents!

These wet tissues are included in bills...

Cheers with ice water!

Everybody, DIG IN!

How big can a bowl be?!

Recommended side dish! It's damn GOOD though it's just sushis...

We love Sashimi(s)!!!

Dessert! Classic chocolate cake. The best thing is that it's ice cream cake! Whoo!

How are we suppose to comment?! Except that the bill was as 'good' as the food? Anyway, We still Love it! Japanese food, Hurray! (Tips: Wear loose top so that you could prevent your tummy from revealing) Hee! :)


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