Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 (Revenge of the Fallen)

Finally! An actual post! Yes. I'm really busy on weekends too... (Sigh). Anyway, back to topic, went to watch Transformers with my sister at AMK hub! Warning to those people who are intending to watch it: PLEASE BOOK THE TICKETS ONLINE BEFOREHAND. (Unless you are those, a bit slow in everything one, then of course, you no need lah~ ).

I LOVE IT! A Must-Watch movie! It's not only like robots smashing each others heads out(-.-), it's funny!! The actors are all really good,especially Shia LaBeouf... hee! Another advice, You guys MUST go cathay watch! (cause GV's sound system isn't that GREAT...) With the good sound system, The war in the movie is "OOH!". Damn Exciting and LOUD. Seriously, should watch at least, once. :)

That's all! Shall post another post when I get the photos. :) Cheers!


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