Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends past...

Woo~ I'm so happy to meet my 'bitch' today!!! I am still sad that we are not in the same school and same class... Anyway, we watched the "ghosts of the Girlfriends past" today at The Grand Cathay! (For those who have short antennas, The cathay and The Grand Cathay are the same... -.-)

While waiting for our movie...

We went Starbuck! Cam-whoring there. :)

Hmm... Not too bad. Quite touching at the end. :) Oh! I found out that Krsytle and I love guys who wear tuxedo OR some formal wear. OOH~ It's HOTNESS! OH! And me and krystle would watch "public affairs" together because JOHNNY DEPP is acting in it! Hot stuff! :P

After movie, we were super random cause we went vivo to shop! Though it's GSS, there's nothing nice out there except for 1 freaking expensive dress from river island. It's seriously super pretty! Krystle, when we start working, I will date you and we shall go shopping together okay?! It's so exciting!

Dinner At Subway.

It's Un-glamness... Alright! Shall sign off now! Bye people!


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