Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy people.

This picture got poor quality cause of the stupid sun at the back... -.-

Can't wait for the HOLIDAYS~ My god... I'm desperare for holidays right now! Though we still have to rush out 3 projects. Sigh... Busy, busy, busy.

Today was a complicated day. Well, I got this advice for all, GROW UP GUYS! Hee! We are young adults, should know what to say and what not to la. Aiya. Never mind. It's all over! :) Cheer up girls!

Played Sims 3 just now using my shuai guy. Hee! Well, he is attached to a girl! Cute right! And they had 'WOOHOO' le! My guy's aspiration is to get attached with 10 different girls... LOL. Oops! :X So flirt right?! Waha! Well, Shall study for PRGESS soon! Quiz 2 on thursday! Gosh....


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