Monday, June 29, 2009

Waraku dinner!

(Last Sunday)

Weekends are family days! And so, we went to Waraku (Marina Square) to have our dinner... The restaurant + food was FANTASTIC! I wanna have more!

Waiting in queue for our table...

Picking the ones you love...

While waiting for the food to be serve...

Our great, lovely parents!

These wet tissues are included in bills...

Cheers with ice water!

Everybody, DIG IN!

How big can a bowl be?!

Recommended side dish! It's damn GOOD though it's just sushis...

We love Sashimi(s)!!!

Dessert! Classic chocolate cake. The best thing is that it's ice cream cake! Whoo!

How are we suppose to comment?! Except that the bill was as 'good' as the food? Anyway, We still Love it! Japanese food, Hurray! (Tips: Wear loose top so that you could prevent your tummy from revealing) Hee! :)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 (Revenge of the Fallen)

Finally! An actual post! Yes. I'm really busy on weekends too... (Sigh). Anyway, back to topic, went to watch Transformers with my sister at AMK hub! Warning to those people who are intending to watch it: PLEASE BOOK THE TICKETS ONLINE BEFOREHAND. (Unless you are those, a bit slow in everything one, then of course, you no need lah~ ).

I LOVE IT! A Must-Watch movie! It's not only like robots smashing each others heads out(-.-), it's funny!! The actors are all really good,especially Shia LaBeouf... hee! Another advice, You guys MUST go cathay watch! (cause GV's sound system isn't that GREAT...) With the good sound system, The war in the movie is "OOH!". Damn Exciting and LOUD. Seriously, should watch at least, once. :)

That's all! Shall post another post when I get the photos. :) Cheers!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ghost whisperer Season 4

I've been catching movies and TV serial for last whole week! Finished watching Ghost whisperer season 4! I LOVE JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT! She's so sweet! :) I wanna be like her... Oh! Not the part whereby she could see SPIRITS! No way!

Watched this movie, Underworld: Rise of Lycans. And I LOVE underworld! The war is damn exciting! Last of all...

Bride Wars! Hmm... I actually prefered Anne hathaway in this movie.
OOh Gosh~ I didn't revise any work, at all! OOPS! :X


Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends past...

Woo~ I'm so happy to meet my 'bitch' today!!! I am still sad that we are not in the same school and same class... Anyway, we watched the "ghosts of the Girlfriends past" today at The Grand Cathay! (For those who have short antennas, The cathay and The Grand Cathay are the same... -.-)

While waiting for our movie...

We went Starbuck! Cam-whoring there. :)

Hmm... Not too bad. Quite touching at the end. :) Oh! I found out that Krsytle and I love guys who wear tuxedo OR some formal wear. OOH~ It's HOTNESS! OH! And me and krystle would watch "public affairs" together because JOHNNY DEPP is acting in it! Hot stuff! :P

After movie, we were super random cause we went vivo to shop! Though it's GSS, there's nothing nice out there except for 1 freaking expensive dress from river island. It's seriously super pretty! Krystle, when we start working, I will date you and we shall go shopping together okay?! It's so exciting!

Dinner At Subway.

It's Un-glamness... Alright! Shall sign off now! Bye people!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Co Music Camp.

Co YOUNG MUSICIANS camp just ended today! Today performence was not up to standard la... Cause of all the last-minute practices! Was too lazy to rush back to co room to take my camera and take photo with the peeps... Sigh! Anyway, we got this performence with 'juniors' from Mayflower, Beatty and Greenville. Cool right?! And most importantly, We GET TO KNOW NEW PEOPLE!!!! :D HEE!

P.S Posting will slow down from now onwards... (Sims madness)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monsters VS Aliens!

After school, went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens at AMK HUB with my WONNIE dear! HA! (The rest went to watch Drag Me to Hell. (Eeee... PS us. :P )) Ate Subway when we reach there. Yes, we still got time to eat subway lor~ HEE! We were like chatting on how we first met, blahblahblah. Rush up at 5.28pm to catch the MOVIE! Woo~ And we collected our COOL 3D SPECS!


Our 'spykids' specs! Chio right?! HA! I think we were actually noisier than those small kids in the cinema... Ooops! But the movie characters were damn cute what...

CUTE RIGHT?! The first one is furball and the second one is Bob, the brain one. The movie was funny and nice! So... no regrets~ :)

If we were monsters...


Alright, I'm just being lame cause I NEED TO SLEEP NOW!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy people.

This picture got poor quality cause of the stupid sun at the back... -.-

Can't wait for the HOLIDAYS~ My god... I'm desperare for holidays right now! Though we still have to rush out 3 projects. Sigh... Busy, busy, busy.

Today was a complicated day. Well, I got this advice for all, GROW UP GUYS! Hee! We are young adults, should know what to say and what not to la. Aiya. Never mind. It's all over! :) Cheer up girls!

Played Sims 3 just now using my shuai guy. Hee! Well, he is attached to a girl! Cute right! And they had 'WOOHOO' le! My guy's aspiration is to get attached with 10 different girls... LOL. Oops! :X So flirt right?! Waha! Well, Shall study for PRGESS soon! Quiz 2 on thursday! Gosh....


Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm lacking of sleep!!! Sigh... 2 hours of sleep on thursday. Cannot take a nap in the afternoon cause of SY practice. Sat have to go SY rehearsal at 2pm. Sunday have to rush our fucking project... WE ARE STILL DOING IT NOW.! (2.50AM). Waking up at 6am in the morning! All these are driving me CRAZY!! Anyway, I didn't take any photos these year for SYCO concert. Ha! Too Lazy...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sims 3!!!

AH!!!!!! [Screaming hysterically] SIMS 3 IS OUT!!! I wanna BUYBUYBUY and PLAYPLAYPLAY it!!! But, it's like 56.90 bucks?! -.- So expensive... OHNO. TOO BAD! I'm desperate for IT! :D SIMS3! WAIT FOR ME!!! Whoohoo!!

P.S I'm really tired...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Press conference?

School was fine and normal like always. The Same WYH criticizing our project...

Was late by 3 minutes for Syco and I think I miss the part whereby they took photo of the whole orchestra... -.- Is it? Not sure too. And, yes, there are camera men and photographer la. Ooh! Maybe it's not too bad to join syco after all! :)

Webpage still not done. Haven't even start studying for Logic yet. Sigh! Whole week full of practices. Even NYPCO add practices...