Friday, May 29, 2009

The uninvited?

Catch a movie at AMK hub after school yesterday with a whole group of crazy peeps! (Amos, Amy, Angelin, Bintus, Darren, Jie lun, Jing xi, Sally, Yishan, Yuwon, Zong xiang) Do you know what GREAT movie we watched?!

Stupid movie, The uninvited! Though the ticket cost me 6 bucks, it's still a watse of money! Gosh! It's that bad la.

I had actually had my mind SET to study in school today for ESSIT quiz but, ended up downloading photoshop, crapping and using my laptop... (It's due to bad influence:P) Haha! And, today was my first day to sit the circle line!! Yeepy! Talk no more! Shall start doing my pathetic individual project: designing my own webpage! Rah!

See how pathetic my webpage is... And I have to hand in next week... AH!


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