Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yay! Finally finished our role play and presentation today! It's a RELIEF. I'm glad and happy!!! The role play was funny though my head was being pushed hardly a few times... (RIGHT ADE?!) We played a 2 different scenario in class. One was a proposal and the other was despising one of the classmate(I'm the one who was being PS aside) I'm so lonely, I have no buddy for my own~~~ OOOH~~

For presentation, like always, suck. (Not because of us, it's the teacher!) She didn't even give us any feedback. -.- But at least today, I got point the stupid screen for you hor...

Today's SY practice was cool! Cause they had good news for us! They are going to make SYCO BIGBIGBIG! WHOOHOO!

Alright, I'm really sleepy now... my eyes are shutting... "Oh shit. I haven't even 'touch' my individual project yet."


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