Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

Woots! Met up with Jason, Krystle and Wenlin straight after school today to watch night at the museum 2!!

The movie was really funny!!! (Unexpected) I love the red balloon, doggy jumping around and (Wonnie reminded me), the three lovely saints and those Albert Einstein! Ha! Cute stuff! Although the story line was lame la, I like it! Hmm... I'm give poor reviews on the movie I watched... Oops! :X

And jason, Stop saying 'excavate'! It's so dirty! :P Hee! Anyway, We did not have the chance to talk much today... Sigh... That's why, we shall meet again some other TIME! :D YAY!I will miss krystle (bitch), Wenlin (Auntie) and Jason (Pervert) dearly~

P.S Shall study now for tml's quiz.


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