Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elmo at Vivo!

School starts at 4pm...

But instead, We(Adeline, Amos, Angelin, Darren, Jielun, Yuwon, Zong Xiang) met at 12pm at Vivo!! Hmm... Tell you guys something, we 4 girls looked Super Kawaii today! Oops! Damn BHB. :P Some may looked at us like idiots though... You will soon find out why...! :)


Shopped around. (Can't buy anymore stuff cause I had spent quite a lot of $.) Unable to psycho adeline to buy stuff. Gave up, hungry, So Ate at Long John Silver.

Ya. Some vegetarian only ate a bit and some people went to buy BOOST instead!

Nothing more to see. So... It's picture taking time!!

Yawn~ Boring guys...

Jack and Jill!

Amos with Yuwon!

Eh! Adeline! Who are you TALKING to ah?!?! :P

Emo Elmo.


Kissing Elmos. Ha!

Gays hiding from the camera!

Gosh! They looked like a married couple! Haha!

HATE THE WIND~ -.- But Who cares!

Now is Lesbian in action. Ohno!

The promoter for Elmo! 'Wanna buy this shirt? Call yuwon at .......'

Adeline! Where's your eyes?! :P

Feeling hot?! Take a break, Have an Ice-cream! :D

You won't believe this! Guess who we saw!! My gosh! Mediacorp artiste again! Haha! For the Second time, I saw this guy Called, Zhang yao dong! Then there were Belinda, the 'rou gu mei' in 'hua jin lu' and ADAM CHEN!!!!!!! [Melts] Are we in the background? Im not too sure, but I wish We WERE! Wahaha!!!

Rush to school afterwards and we could see turning heads everywhere! Not because of our pretty faces but it's because of our ELMO SHIRTS! I think we learnt a lesson. :P HA!


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