Sunday, May 17, 2009

'mother's day' lunch!


Finally! I had my hair cut! My head feels lighter now! Haha! YES. I have thick hairs! ER... Sounds wrong. Sorry guys! Didn't get to meet you guys cause it was pretty late. Shall not miss it the next round! I PROMISE! :)

Had our lunch at this restaurant reccomended by 8 days magazine called Paradise Inn! You should know what's 8 days right?! If you don't, Ha! I don't really know how to comment then... Anyway, the lunch was my sis's treat! Hee! She says it's to celebrate mother's day la. I know, it's last weekend. But most importantly, my dearest mummy is loved by all of us EVERY SINGLE DAY! :D Oh... I'm so sweet right? :p I shall upload the photos later cause my sis took her camera out! She went to the 'xiao niang re' concert which is free! (someone gave it to her).


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