Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angels And Demons.

[Sat's post]

Finally, got the chance to watch a movie with my dearest sister!! When I'm free, she's not. When she's free, I'm not. But this time, both of us were very free~! :) Head to Amk Hub, (Cause there's Cathay)and we ate Fish And Co for dinner!

Seafood Platter for 2! :)

Shared among 3 person and we still can't finish...

Time to watch The Angels And Demons.!

Someone already dug and cut out some other people eyes at the START! Ha! However, the movie is surprisely nice! Though I'm lost at some parts. Haha! Oops!

After movie, whereby some IDIOTIC person kept shaking my freaking chair by kicking it(!@#*#76$ CURSE HIM), we went to a place which there would be fewer people so that we could, of course, take photos! That's what girls love to do!


No ez-link, take cab lor. What to do?! Anyway, it's my sis paying! :X Hee! Thanks Sis! :) She bought Ben and Jerry's ice-cream for me too! Though its from 'Cheers', It cost her 5BUCKS!


The day won't end just yet! We continued to cam-whore at home!

Introducing my doggie, BAOBAO! (Funny name right?!)


Alright! That's all folks! Loves, Keewei to Shirlene!


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