Sunday, May 31, 2009


Been very busy these few days and that is the reason why I'm lagging in posting. Forgive me! Alright! I'm very satisfied with my personal webpage now!! Mwahaha!!! It's not completed yet, but I'm finishing it soon! :D Okay... Maybe still far...

Bought Diva accessories yesterday! Woohoo! 2 sets of earrings and a very kawaii donut bracelet! HA! (YES! I LIKE WEIRD STUFF!) Finally, my ear hole is closing no more!! (Ya... After piercing for like 3 times? Pretty pathetic.) But I can now change to cute earrings without "ouching"! YAY! [I'm actually very high over a few pairs of earrings!]

Okay. Shall go eat dinner and practice my ruan! Tomorrow's got lesson~


Friday, May 29, 2009

The uninvited?

Catch a movie at AMK hub after school yesterday with a whole group of crazy peeps! (Amos, Amy, Angelin, Bintus, Darren, Jie lun, Jing xi, Sally, Yishan, Yuwon, Zong xiang) Do you know what GREAT movie we watched?!

Stupid movie, The uninvited! Though the ticket cost me 6 bucks, it's still a watse of money! Gosh! It's that bad la.

I had actually had my mind SET to study in school today for ESSIT quiz but, ended up downloading photoshop, crapping and using my laptop... (It's due to bad influence:P) Haha! And, today was my first day to sit the circle line!! Yeepy! Talk no more! Shall start doing my pathetic individual project: designing my own webpage! Rah!

See how pathetic my webpage is... And I have to hand in next week... AH!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

Woots! Met up with Jason, Krystle and Wenlin straight after school today to watch night at the museum 2!!

The movie was really funny!!! (Unexpected) I love the red balloon, doggy jumping around and (Wonnie reminded me), the three lovely saints and those Albert Einstein! Ha! Cute stuff! Although the story line was lame la, I like it! Hmm... I'm give poor reviews on the movie I watched... Oops! :X

And jason, Stop saying 'excavate'! It's so dirty! :P Hee! Anyway, We did not have the chance to talk much today... Sigh... That's why, we shall meet again some other TIME! :D YAY!I will miss krystle (bitch), Wenlin (Auntie) and Jason (Pervert) dearly~

P.S Shall study now for tml's quiz.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yay! Finally finished our role play and presentation today! It's a RELIEF. I'm glad and happy!!! The role play was funny though my head was being pushed hardly a few times... (RIGHT ADE?!) We played a 2 different scenario in class. One was a proposal and the other was despising one of the classmate(I'm the one who was being PS aside) I'm so lonely, I have no buddy for my own~~~ OOOH~~

For presentation, like always, suck. (Not because of us, it's the teacher!) She didn't even give us any feedback. -.- But at least today, I got point the stupid screen for you hor...

Today's SY practice was cool! Cause they had good news for us! They are going to make SYCO BIGBIGBIG! WHOOHOO!

Alright, I'm really sleepy now... my eyes are shutting... "Oh shit. I haven't even 'touch' my individual project yet."


Sunday, May 24, 2009



Whoohoo! Went Vivo today in the afternoon to eat MACHE! It's really really really nice!!! I mean the ambience. The food was... hmm... So-so only... Maybe we didn't know how to enjoy this type of 'high class buffet'.


You see! The place is damn pretty... Too bad, our camera DIED.

Bought a zara simple dress today! :) Happy! Shall go do my stuff now! Busy busy busy!

(Taken this when we were talking on OOVOO! People! Download this to conference with friends who can own a webcam at home!)


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today was the very first time that my poly friends saw my really red 'tomato face'!!! Because of one jumping jellybean and one bespectacled chiobu.! :X If Next time my face turn red, please do not say,"EH! YOUR FACE DAMN RED!", Cause if you say that, oh shit, my face will turn even more RED! People very fair and shy one ma... :P Well... That's me!:D

To-do list:

1. 2 freaking Project.

2. 1 individual project. (Design webpage)

3. Marketing E-quiz.

4. Communication Skill discussion forum.

5. Study for quizzes.

6. All modules tutorial.

7. Practice my ruan.

8. Last but not least, RELAX and SHOP!

(I'm confirming doing the first and last one... )


Friday, May 22, 2009


Adam Should win american Idol!!! My god!!! His singing is much more better!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I didn't know poly got so much work to do?! In the past, Everyone was like 'Aiya... Compared to JC, Poly of course more relaxing la!'. [NOPE! IT'S NOT] Well... Wonder how it will be like when we become third year students... My god! Should be something like... hell?! Anyway, ran wth yuwon and Zong Xiang yesterday in school! Not bad... Now, my legs are aching. Who ask my parents to buy the top storey[4th story] whereby we need to climb the stairs every single day![To the 4th story!] Shall proccedin doing my work now! :)


Angels And Demons.

[Sat's post]

Finally, got the chance to watch a movie with my dearest sister!! When I'm free, she's not. When she's free, I'm not. But this time, both of us were very free~! :) Head to Amk Hub, (Cause there's Cathay)and we ate Fish And Co for dinner!

Seafood Platter for 2! :)

Shared among 3 person and we still can't finish...

Time to watch The Angels And Demons.!

Someone already dug and cut out some other people eyes at the START! Ha! However, the movie is surprisely nice! Though I'm lost at some parts. Haha! Oops!

After movie, whereby some IDIOTIC person kept shaking my freaking chair by kicking it(!@#*#76$ CURSE HIM), we went to a place which there would be fewer people so that we could, of course, take photos! That's what girls love to do!


No ez-link, take cab lor. What to do?! Anyway, it's my sis paying! :X Hee! Thanks Sis! :) She bought Ben and Jerry's ice-cream for me too! Though its from 'Cheers', It cost her 5BUCKS!


The day won't end just yet! We continued to cam-whore at home!

Introducing my doggie, BAOBAO! (Funny name right?!)


Alright! That's all folks! Loves, Keewei to Shirlene!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

'mother's day' lunch!


Finally! I had my hair cut! My head feels lighter now! Haha! YES. I have thick hairs! ER... Sounds wrong. Sorry guys! Didn't get to meet you guys cause it was pretty late. Shall not miss it the next round! I PROMISE! :)

Had our lunch at this restaurant reccomended by 8 days magazine called Paradise Inn! You should know what's 8 days right?! If you don't, Ha! I don't really know how to comment then... Anyway, the lunch was my sis's treat! Hee! She says it's to celebrate mother's day la. I know, it's last weekend. But most importantly, my dearest mummy is loved by all of us EVERY SINGLE DAY! :D Oh... I'm so sweet right? :p I shall upload the photos later cause my sis took her camera out! She went to the 'xiao niang re' concert which is free! (someone gave it to her).


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Spent lots of time and effort on our 'fugging' presentation and what's the feedback? -Not a single good comment- Wtf. Feeling really exhausted now. I'm being tortured by two mad women in school! My GOD! Adeline and Yuwon.! I shall learn martial arts so that I can protect myself (or maybe my neh) from THEM! Lol. Well, They are all sick in the mind...! :P Anyway, went bishan to makan with another 11 peeps. Got a bit pissed off when I was about to leave. Really tired now. Shall sleep now...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek!

Met up with Krystle and Wenlin today! Gosh! I miss them! Oh ya. We FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTOS today!!! Oh gosh! I'm very depressed... Right. Anyway, we went to the cathay to watch Star Trek today!! :D

Nice movie! I like Zachery Quinto(Spock) cause he acted in Heroes! Hee! I'm bias... And the Cathay sound system is much better than Golden Village! This makes a difference alright! The sound was really super 'shuang'. OOH! I must watch harry potter at 'thecathay'! I will meet up with both of them soon because there's lots of really good movies coming out soon! :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Project madness!

Had been very busy during the weekends, Doing project, Not shopping okay... We had Presentation! Scary right?! But after I came home, guess who sms me? Zong xiang! Sms "Eh, tml no presentation. -.-". Wth right? It's like... RAH. Never mind! At least, we complete our slides! :D Cheers to Adeline, Angelin, Yuwon and Zong Xiang! :)

Day 1: At Bugis.

Thanks to zhong xiang for the treat! :)

Day 2: At Clarke Quay.

Examples of bad photographer who doesn't know how to take good pics!

Oh my... We will be seeing each other again tomorrow! Ha!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Woohoo!!! I finally get to see my bitch(Krystle) Again!!! I miss Her~~~ (Oops! Sounds les, but it's true!:( ) Met her at PS, ate pepper lunch and watched X-men Origin: Wolverine!

Not bad la! Maybe cause there's Hot Hugh JACKMAN! :D Hee! There's some irritating 'couple' sitting beside krystle. And Krystle kept complaining about the girl cause she was ACTing CUTE when she talks! Eeee.. Dislikes such girls. :X Oops!

Anyway, I've got to rush my work and presentation's on MONDAY! DIE!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elmo at Vivo!

School starts at 4pm...

But instead, We(Adeline, Amos, Angelin, Darren, Jielun, Yuwon, Zong Xiang) met at 12pm at Vivo!! Hmm... Tell you guys something, we 4 girls looked Super Kawaii today! Oops! Damn BHB. :P Some may looked at us like idiots though... You will soon find out why...! :)


Shopped around. (Can't buy anymore stuff cause I had spent quite a lot of $.) Unable to psycho adeline to buy stuff. Gave up, hungry, So Ate at Long John Silver.

Ya. Some vegetarian only ate a bit and some people went to buy BOOST instead!

Nothing more to see. So... It's picture taking time!!

Yawn~ Boring guys...

Jack and Jill!

Amos with Yuwon!

Eh! Adeline! Who are you TALKING to ah?!?! :P

Emo Elmo.


Kissing Elmos. Ha!

Gays hiding from the camera!

Gosh! They looked like a married couple! Haha!

HATE THE WIND~ -.- But Who cares!

Now is Lesbian in action. Ohno!

The promoter for Elmo! 'Wanna buy this shirt? Call yuwon at .......'

Adeline! Where's your eyes?! :P

Feeling hot?! Take a break, Have an Ice-cream! :D

You won't believe this! Guess who we saw!! My gosh! Mediacorp artiste again! Haha! For the Second time, I saw this guy Called, Zhang yao dong! Then there were Belinda, the 'rou gu mei' in 'hua jin lu' and ADAM CHEN!!!!!!! [Melts] Are we in the background? Im not too sure, but I wish We WERE! Wahaha!!!

Rush to school afterwards and we could see turning heads everywhere! Not because of our pretty faces but it's because of our ELMO SHIRTS! I think we learnt a lesson. :P HA!