Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday mood...

Sigh! It's Sunday and I had to be waken up at 8.15 to go to Marine Parade CC for a practice which is for an upcoming performence in May... But I do enjoy spending time with my fellow ruanners! :D (Hey! I'm not lying!) But tml's Sy practice... Sigh! It clashes with my newly made poly friends gathering la!! So it's like SIAN. ARGHH... that's what I hate about Sy timing for practice...

Yep... I didn't go shopping today, that's why I'm here, blogging. Watched Underworld while eating dinner and it's like, oh my gosh, nice! Can't wait to watch more movies! Movies, Songs and Shopping is my LIFE! : ))) Guess I still has sufficient female hormones in me! HEE~


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