Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shopping For Shorts?


Krystle that 'biatch' date me out today!!! YAY! Went shopping for (actually) shorts but she ended up buying dress too!! Typical Krystle! Told her about all the poly stuff and asked her not to scare her new friends... Overheard some china guys beside us saying this when we were cleaning our hands with krystle's hand sanitiser. "Eat food also wanna massage hand ah!". WTF?! Then, Laughed at some guy in the MRT who could burp a hundred time continuously which was super disgusting and of course, IRRITATING! Alright. My legs are really, really tired now! Woah!!! Damn 'suan'... Walked from 1pm till 8pm. Woo~ Never felt my legs this swollen before! Gosh! Shall rest my legs now. Don't overwork the Poor fellows... :)

AND The 05 cheer is still stuck in my head...


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