Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Day

Using my perfect notebook ON BED NOW! :) So shiok!!! My own lappy leh!

Today's lesson was alright... Was late for the first lesture because of nothing? The lecture started early! -.- I ACTUALLY had to sit alone but luckily, Yishan Sms-ed me and as me to find her cause there was an extra sit in her row. So. I sat beside Amy! :) Thanks Yishan! You saved me from being a loner! :P Went to the dental to change my braces colour. Now I got braces above and below! OH no! I can't eat any 'HARD' food for 3-5 days! Sigh...

There's CCA crawl tomorrow. [Speechless] Then, If I'm not wrong, we would go sim lim to hunt for notebook casing... Ya... I must find a pretty one that suits me!


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