Thursday, April 9, 2009

Practice session again

Went to some practice tonight at NAFA. Is my name very funny?! I guess so. Even stupid Major can laugh at my name!!! He was introducing me to them as KIWI.(Like always) Then everybody laugh... :(( Sigh! Is it very difficult to say WEI? HOW THE HELL CAN they pronounce it as WI or WEE! Really pissed off by that major cause he Still add this after they correct them!! "OH. Then I can buy Kiwi from you!" Oh ya... You can buy LOTS OF KIWI from me!!! I GOT UNLIMITED STOCK! WHAT THE FUCK. Seriously?! And my face became RED like I always did... Also don't know why my face would turn so red that easily... I DON'T LIKE YOU!!! $#^!%^@%^*@%$!!

P.S I dreamt about MR Leong cutting his palms with a knife in front of the entire school! Wa! It's super bloody and scary! He's like a bit crazy in my dream. I think I watched too many bloody movies...


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