Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ghost whisperer.

Today was my Ghost whisperer marathon day! Finished Season2 and Season3 disc 1.

It's Awesome and a bit scary now...BUT The main thing is that they finally created storylines! Ha! If not it will be like just HELPING GHOST to crossover... Show them the freaking BRIGHT light... blahblah. "LAME" Unfortunately, This attracts me! I LIKE IT! HEHE. That explains why I'm always lame! Oops... here I go again... By the way, Jennifer Love Hewitt rocks too!

Was discussing with that someone who called himself a 'cute' hamster about dancing cause he randomly shows me rain's youtube music video. How I wish my BF will dance for me... He will be the most SHUAI guy... WHOO~~~ Okay! Shall stop dreaming now.

That's all for the day! Tata! :)
P.S I'm lucky that someone's with me


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