Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First day of School!

First day of my poly life!! What can I say is, 'I hate the queues'. You wanna buy notes? QUEUE. Wanna buy laptop? QUEUE. Oh my GOSH! bad bad... Anyway, our class had computing maths today. And, HAHA, It's really CONFUSING~ Binary... *puke*. Generally, I Hate Maths so... Hmph!

6 lecture notes. Each module, one. Thought it would be cheap... Ha!

WHOOOHOO! Finally! My very OWN Notebook!!! :D So happy!! It's LIGHTWEIGHT! :)Shall customize it soon~ (It's placed on a scanner)

By the way, my family went to the travel fiesta on sunday and guess what?! WE ARE GOING EUROPE (Switzerland + Italy + Paris) for freaking 14 days!!!!!

This tourist spot is included!!! : )))


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