Thursday, April 2, 2009

At the Khoo Khoo's House.

Went to Krystle house to play the world tour(wii)! IT's FUN! I love the drums! Only that the stupid pedal was hard to step. Actually prefer the guitar. Easier! Love the game! I don't know why. Maybe I'm born with male hormones. Hee~

The 'Cute' guitarist who's block by her thick fringe.

The 'Chio' drummer who's wearing a BHB shirt.

Is this collage too small? Can see our faces?

Rocker on stairway...

After playing for about 1/2 or 1 hour, we were super restless that we ran out to the garden. What we do?! CAMWHORE! All the weird poses just 'pop' out! :P

Whack the GRASS.

Spiderwomans with fake guitars trying to escape!!

Cope this from Krystle's blog. Anyway, our toe nail's colours happens to be the same as our childish bag! Mine was billabong(The sky blue) & krystle's Roxy(That Pink)! Coincidence eh?!

On our way to fetch Mengshi to krystle house.! :)

Cope this from krystle's blog too! She didn't send me these photos...


The only photo of MENGSHI! (Tying shoelace) She doesn't like to camwhore. Unfortunately...

End of the day at bitch's house with ma meng! :) hee~ Love spending time with them!


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