Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 again!

Woke up EARLY so that we could go to the freaking NYP's gym to exercise. BUT, Sway sway got one very 'FRIENDLY' security guard ah, DON'T F***ING ALLOW US TO GO IN! TMD... Got Ez-link with NYP on top as evidence also don't allow! Must Have that Freaking Admin card to PUT in front of her face! Walao! This type of security guard ah, you tell me! Can SACK liao right?!?! Arghh! Lucky, I'm not late for my movies! If Not, #$^#**#$&.

Met up with Krystle and Mengshi to watch '17 again'!

Touching and funny movie! Beside me got one crazy girl called mengshi, Keep scratching me like a cat when Zac Efron act 'shaui'. HA! :P

After Movie, Mengshi AGAIN, got something on. So Me and my 'bitch' went shopping! Window shopping only lor~ Sigh... Had healthy lifestyle today by eating healthy and cheap food! Haha! We chat and shared about our school life! E.G who's evil, cute, flirt, shuai blah blah... Hee! So, We went home when we figured out that there's really nothing to do...

Yami ice-cream again~ In love with it.! :) Hee!

Oh gosh. I got to sleep now. Tomorrow's practice at 9am! [AH!] Let's Sleep! Wish me Good night and don't let the bed bugs suck! :P


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