Thursday, April 30, 2009


We finished our 'AStar' project! YAY! Like finally?! Ate lunch with Adeline, Angelin and Zong xiang at MOS Burger today. Managed to ask the person to help me cut my burger into four part so that it won't hurt my Stupid, idiotic ulcers! Sigh! Slack at MAC when the rest of the guys came after watching their 17 again. Ha! Jielun says we no life what if we go home early~ So... Anyway! Me and Zong Xiang had to go to the CO tryout so, yup! :) Got in immediately~:P Shit. Tomorrow got to wake up at 6 plus.! Sian-ness! Shall sleep now!

Sometimes, I'm confused...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Lesson was alright today but we got a freaking 4 hours break in between! Tutorial was cancelled so, yea... Head to Gloria Jeans (Adeline, Angelin, Yuwon and Zong Xiang) instead to discuss our 'A' project and then, came this damn 'high' guy(Daniel) who was very proud of his snow white and seven dwarfs role playing... He really was a chit-chatter..!

Right! I'm the most not so 'crazy' girl in my group so forgive me. :P Hee! But my three ulcers made me emo. They are super irritating! Arghh! Can't wait for them to Disappear! Damn! (Maybe I do really need some communication skills. LOL!)

We will be buying a Tee with THIS RED COLOUR face one it soon~ Lala, Lala, Elmo's world.... Shit! They influence me to become 13 again!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's school....

Nothing much happen in school today... Being Lynn and pass on a LONG MESSAGE around in Communication Skills, Almost fell asleep in computing maths lecture until complementary binary, IWEB application project was bored cause our group had no innovation! Hahaha! :P

ha! What's Yuwon doing?! I have no idea too!! Hehe!

Busy taking photos while....

This lonely guy sits alone there, enjoying the sun...

Finally got our Admin Card! Shall place it right IN FRONT OF THAT Security guard's FACE! :P

Anyway, Cheers peeps! Learn to enjoy Poly life! :D


Ah ma's birthday~!

Yesterday, after pratice, we just went straight to my grandma's house to celebrate her birthday! :) She's 83 but she is still strong and healthy! Ate buffet at her house, chat with lots of my relatives and enjoyed this really NICE THICK CHOCOLATE cake. I heard that it cost about 200+. Whoo~~~

See my Happy Granny! :D

The Cute cake with the 'chang sou' Ah gong and peaches! So cute right!

Took this when I was bored... So Yup! That's all for the day after watching Star awards, (Yvonne got in!) and rushing through my homeworks... :P


Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 again!

Woke up EARLY so that we could go to the freaking NYP's gym to exercise. BUT, Sway sway got one very 'FRIENDLY' security guard ah, DON'T F***ING ALLOW US TO GO IN! TMD... Got Ez-link with NYP on top as evidence also don't allow! Must Have that Freaking Admin card to PUT in front of her face! Walao! This type of security guard ah, you tell me! Can SACK liao right?!?! Arghh! Lucky, I'm not late for my movies! If Not, #$^#**#$&.

Met up with Krystle and Mengshi to watch '17 again'!

Touching and funny movie! Beside me got one crazy girl called mengshi, Keep scratching me like a cat when Zac Efron act 'shaui'. HA! :P

After Movie, Mengshi AGAIN, got something on. So Me and my 'bitch' went shopping! Window shopping only lor~ Sigh... Had healthy lifestyle today by eating healthy and cheap food! Haha! We chat and shared about our school life! E.G who's evil, cute, flirt, shuai blah blah... Hee! So, We went home when we figured out that there's really nothing to do...

Yami ice-cream again~ In love with it.! :) Hee!

Oh gosh. I got to sleep now. Tomorrow's practice at 9am! [AH!] Let's Sleep! Wish me Good night and don't let the bed bugs suck! :P


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Head to PS after school to meet these crazy, weird people... :P (Bingyuan, Jason, Melody, Valerie and Wanqing!) I'm not late! :)

Ate Paste Mania. They should seriously build more air-conditioners in there. Jason and Bingyuan was like perspiring while eating?! Yes! That's how hot it was! Wanqing PS us for her Bf after eating... :P [Hai~] Ate Yami Ice-cream. Yummy! I love It! Then, Watched 'Taken' later...

Violent movie... Some guy in front of us was a saddistic la. Ha!! He was the only person laughing when a guy was being totured.! Wth right? Haha! Blur melody didnt even know lor...

Took these pictures when we were waiting...

Extra head kept POPPING out when the girls were taking photo!

Successfully taken a shot without an extra head! Hee! :P (He went toilet la. That's why...)

Bored bingyuan, energetic Valerie...

And That's all for the day! Gonna meet up soon for next movie, 'The international'! YAY! :D


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Laptop Casing And Wallet!

I bought these cute and pretty stuff from orchard! pink wallet and Ripples casing! :D So nice right?! :P hee! Ate a freaking fried rice for today. Thats all! Syf: bronze. For them, It's already not bad!! :)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Day

Using my perfect notebook ON BED NOW! :) So shiok!!! My own lappy leh!

Today's lesson was alright... Was late for the first lesture because of nothing? The lecture started early! -.- I ACTUALLY had to sit alone but luckily, Yishan Sms-ed me and as me to find her cause there was an extra sit in her row. So. I sat beside Amy! :) Thanks Yishan! You saved me from being a loner! :P Went to the dental to change my braces colour. Now I got braces above and below! OH no! I can't eat any 'HARD' food for 3-5 days! Sigh...

There's CCA crawl tomorrow. [Speechless] Then, If I'm not wrong, we would go sim lim to hunt for notebook casing... Ya... I must find a pretty one that suits me!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mengshi's Birthday!


Met up with Krystle, Mengshi and Rebecca to eat Sakura buffet at orchard, Near cineleisure to celebrate... MENGSHI's BIRTHDAY! TADA! :) Chat like aunties while eating... Hee! And I realise something. Quite a number of people were celebrating there too! Weird!

The sad thing was that me and mengshi had school so... No Ladies late night. Sigh. So... next time ba girls! :D


First day of School!

First day of my poly life!! What can I say is, 'I hate the queues'. You wanna buy notes? QUEUE. Wanna buy laptop? QUEUE. Oh my GOSH! bad bad... Anyway, our class had computing maths today. And, HAHA, It's really CONFUSING~ Binary... *puke*. Generally, I Hate Maths so... Hmph!

6 lecture notes. Each module, one. Thought it would be cheap... Ha!

WHOOOHOO! Finally! My very OWN Notebook!!! :D So happy!! It's LIGHTWEIGHT! :)Shall customize it soon~ (It's placed on a scanner)

By the way, my family went to the travel fiesta on sunday and guess what?! WE ARE GOING EUROPE (Switzerland + Italy + Paris) for freaking 14 days!!!!!

This tourist spot is included!!! : )))


Monday, April 20, 2009

Performence At Nafa.

Yesterday went to perform at Nafa. Ya. Quite lame la but at least there's 10 bucks and I get to take pictures with the kuku(Minhui) and xiao xia(Chaixia)! haha! :) Alright! I got to sleep now! Tomorrow's got class! Gosh...

P.S Shall post about MENGSHI's birthday celebration tomorrow!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Gosh! Just saw the latest, seriously latest harrypotter & the half blood prince trailer! CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's seriously super GOOD! Whoohoo~

[Looking at the photos from my previous post]. Wa.... My face damn squarish la! And krystle that 'bitch' change a lot right?! Want me to post up her 'before' and 'after' pics?! you will get scared to hell.! HAHA! Oh! She lost her voice AGAIN. She always lose her voice when she dates with me! Gosh! I think I made her excited! :P Oops! Ya la. Poor thing... I pity you... I can't even lose my voice! :P

School's starting in 2 more days. Shit. That's fast... I'm just looking forward to buying my notebook! Miss my old buddies and looking forward to see my new buddies... :) yup! Shall go now! Yuwon wants to conference. Night! :D


Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Bitches day! :)

Had a Crazy day with Krystle and Mengshi! First... Watched 12 rounds with Krystle at Vivo because Mengshi got SSP. HAHAHA... Oops! We starting school soon...

It's shockingly, NOT BAD! Didn't expect it to excite us.!(Maybe cause the actor's abs super big! :P) We actually shouted at the last part where they JUMPED OFF FROM A HELICOPTER into a freaking Swimming pool! Crazy right?! Oh! The helicopter was of course above ground la...

Then, went PS, Kopitiam to eat the 'not very good' beef noodle. Guess WHO WE SAW?! MEDIACORP ARTISTE(s), Zhang Yao Dong And Lin Xiang Ping!!!!!!! :DDD (Lin Xiang Ping was so chio!!!! :P) This is the second time that I saw her! Sigh... Yuan fen la. :P Anyway, we were super high cause we also saw BIFANG AND NIC! Haha! Then, krystle + Mengshi were like shouting at Bifang and Nic. Not only they turned to us, the mediacorp ones too! Haha! (I think they thought we were shouting for them. Oops!) Exciting right?!

Meddling with KRystle's Spoilt sunglass~

I'm not asking for bitch's autograph. Don't worry. :P

Not lesbians alright! We are BFF! :D

Credits to photographer: Mengshi. HA! The Pop-Eye Girl. :p

And Someone wanna me to teach you guys this...

If you want to soften leather shoe so that you won't have plenty of stupid, irritating blisters, put hair conditioner.! It WORK! --> By: Darren. :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pay A Visit...

This post was supposed to be posted on Saturday but I ain't got the time. I'm a super, Busy, Busy, Busy girl~ :)

Ha! Alright! Er... Let's start! We went to both cemeteries to 'Baibai' my great-grandma and grandpa. Yup! It was after good friday and they were located at different places.

This is where my Great grandma is...

And this is my grandpa's.

All these photos were taken by my sister, NOT ME! Yes, I didn't dare take any photos... My god! What if there's weird stuff... GOSH. It's SCARY.! My sister took more photos but I prefer not to upload them here... Ha.

After praying, we head towards VIVO to SHOP! YAY! That's the best thing to do!! :D

Ate at this Japanese restaurant which was super high class and super-duper good... Even the ice-cream was NICE! But the bad thing was that this dinner made my stomach stands out! And yea, Shit! I got to cover my tummy while shopping~ Oops! HAHA! So unglam! :D

That's all for the day! And Well... I Didn't BUY any stuff!!! Boohoo~


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bethany's (BEAR) Birthday Surprise!

I was LATE! (Oops! Sorry guys!) Took a bus to Bethany's house with wenlin. Met the rest and gave Bethany (Including her family) a Surprise when we bang on her door! Yay! Mission accomplished! We actually told her that we were going east coast to cycle... Well, She believed! :) That's why she looked so 'homey' in all her photos! Haha!! For this celebratopm, each of us had to contribute stuff like Wenlin made Jellies which she confessed that they were the cheapest... :P Hwee Teng made Sushis! (Didn't know cavewomen knew how to make japanese dishes~ Do you?) Zhihui, brought a fruit birthday cake which taste nice! Doreen, brought PIZZAs that 'pop up' after being heated. Haha! And me?! HA! DVDS! :P

1st Movie: Slumdog millionaire. A not bad movie but I think all of them didn't really concentrate on this movie. What do we leant? When you are about to get shot, bury yourself with money in a bathtub. Yeap! Cut the birthday cake after watching tht movie!

Make A Wish, make A wish!

Doreen says, "For the first slice, Just cut till halfway." Why? So that your wish will come true!" She should have say this earlier! That's why my wish never came TRUE.

Busy cutting and searching for plates...

For me, taking photos!

2nd Movie: Qurantine. This Movie SCARE US ALL. Gosh! Four people were screaming. Guess who?! Ans: Doreen, Hwee Teng, Bethany & Me.! Wenlin and Zhi hui were damn calm! When were were screaming, they just shouted," OH MY GOD!" That's all! So irritating right? Haha! The funniest part was that Bethany was like the one being attacked when the camera man was attacking the... Let's say, ZOMBIES, with his camera! She was HITTING THE CUSHION and shouting, "OH MY GOSH! HIT IT HIT IT! DIE DIE DIE!!! Alright. Poor cushion. The movie was bloody!! We just hope that the neighbours did not complain...

Group photos!! :D

3rd Movie: The Notebook. Most of us were not concentrating by now... It's a touching movie, but after being scared till so HIGH... Ha! Was giving them some lame questions to solve during the movie too! Cause I just couldn't sit still. Like Ah bah could not stop talking? HEE!

There are always extra people around you... :P

Photo Session with the Birthday girl!! :D

Head to Buangkok to eat after that UNFORGETTABLE movie marathon! And yea.........

That's all for the day! Hope that the birthday girl enjoyed the CRAZY day with all of us! Cheers!